CPU 24/7 announces Cloud Partnership with CD-adapco

Potsdam, 29January, 2015

For HPC-On-Demand suppliers like CPU 24/7, it is a severe necessity to always offer latest technologies to all customers. With immediate effect, the German venture CPU 24/7 has been granted “cloud partner” status by CD-adapco, the world’s largest independent, CFD-focused provider of engineering simulation software.

This makes a perfect match, as both CD-adapco and CPU 24/7 have a solid track record of several years of experience in jointly delivering engineering simulation solutions.

By using CD-adapco software STAR-CCM+, CPU 24/7 enables its Resource Area customers with a unique Power-on-Demand licensing to compute, irrespective of the number of cores. Each license also allows an unlimited number of parallel or interdependent sessions. Billing is based on a number of hours usage and not by processes or core(s) used, thus granting high flexibility and extra licensing capacity.

STAR-CCM+ / Power-on-Demand in cooperation with CPU 24/7

Through partnerships like the one described, CPU24/7 users can be sure that software is not only optimally running throughout complex simulation processes, but, as the software package is continuously being adapted, usage is always user-oriented and secure. CPU 24/7 always provides its customers with a completely pre-configured, secure and easy-to-use, remote workstation environment as an all-inclusive package, taking in the HPC instance on bare metal servers with related CAE applications, such as inter alia STAR-CCM+.

Pressekontakt: Mirjam Kalisz, Marcom Manager | Telefon: +49 (0)331 279 784 58 |

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