Ship design on the next level: better performance by using bare-metal cloud solutions

CPU 24/7 announces Live Webinar

Potsdam, 18.10.2016

On 26th October 2016, CPU 24/7 will host a webinar Improving Ship Design with FINE™/Marine On Cloud in cooperation with NUMECA, SimFWD and UberCloud. By simulating a Ropax bare-hull-form resistance, speakers and participants will assess the resistance reduction in the most efficient and reliable engineering CFD workflow.

CPU 24/7 and partners show how development time and cost can be reduced by running NUMECA FINE™/Marine on cloud, offered by the German cloud service provider CPU 24/7 itself.

Interested parties can register here (at least 24 hours in advance):

Session 1: October 26th 2016 - European and Asian business hours: 10:00AM (Brussels), 4:00PM (Beijing), 5:00PM (Tokyo)

Session 2: October 26th 2016 - N.S. American business hours: 11:00AM (San Francisco), 2:00PM (New York), 8:00PM (Brussels)

For more information, please visit:

Pressekontakt: Mirjam Kalisz, Marcom Manager | Telefon: +49 (0)331 279 784 58 |

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